Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Free Köhler Study Guide - Doll's Waltz

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 This is the painter Chagall working on a fantastical doll-like figure.
Dear Flute Lovers,
Paul Edmund-Davies is offering a free video series as a guide to learning one of the Opus 66 studies by Köhler. Click on the link for the video & pdf etude and exercises:

Link- Six Videos (Performance plus five exercises) & pdf sheetmusic; plus five exercises:


Notes from Paul Edmund-Davies:

Köhler was a prolific writer of studies and 25 Études Romantiques, Opus 66 is another book, full of gems. I have taken the charming Valse de la Poupée, or Doll’s Waltz and given it the complete Köhler Study Programme treatment.

Completely FREE of charge, you will be able to access all of the sections: video performance and instruction, teaching notes and exercises, exactly as laid out in all of the other Köhler Studies in the Programme.

This will hopefully give you all a very clear idea as to precisely what is on offer and I very much hope that this will in turn spur you on to take a closer look at some of the other Köhler Studies and exercises available.   - Paul Edmund-Davies

Notes from Jen:

There are six videos but they do not play automatically one after another. Once you've watched the first video with full performance of the etude, you'll want to scroll down to click on the Five Exercise Videos, to continue watching the exercises, and downloading the pdfs for each exercise.

Therefore, go to:https://www.simplyflute.com/kohler-vasle-de-la-poupee/

Scroll down to see:

Exercises split into parts (video and sheetmusic for  each of five exercises):

1. https://www.simplyflute.com/kohler-vasle-de-la-poupee/exercise-1/

2. https://www.simplyflute.com/kohler-vasle-de-la-poupee/kohler-valse-de-la-poupee-exercise-2/

3. 3a: https://www.simplyflute.com/kohler-vasle-de-la-poupee/kohler-valse-de-la-poupee-exercise-3a/

   3b: https://www.simplyflute.com/kohler-vasle-de-la-poupee/kohler-valse-de-la-poupee-exercise-3b/

4. https://www.simplyflute.com/kohler-vasle-de-la-poupee/kohler-valse-de-la-poupee-exercise-4/

Example of what you'll see if you remember to scroll down: