Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kobe International Flute competition

Dear Flute Lovers,

Have you seen the streaming films of the Kobe International Flute Competition?
It's on youtube for your review. Results are in; winner announced.

Kobe International Flute competition
See all films:

Round ONE: May 26th, 2017:
Round TWO: May 29th, 2017:
Round THREE: June 1st, 2017:
FINALS: June 3rd, 2017:

My personal favourite from the very first time I heard her is the contestant at minute 38:00 at this
First Round film:
She is no. 44.  Boulegue H. -  3rd performer of the three.

Second Round
My 2nd round favourite:
7.  Boulegue H. -  1st performer of three

Third Round
My third round favourite still the amazing Hélène Boulègue!
She is the second performer in the third round here:

Totally far-out third selection; wowza!

She has one youtube up, herself, which is a trio rehearsal video:

 FINALS; June 3rd, 2017: Boulègue and Zolnacz

Yes, I still vote for Hélène Boulègue in every single round!!


Watch the Finals:


1. Helene Boulegue, of France, has been 2nd flute of Luxemburg Phil. since 2010. She placed 2nd in the last Prague Competition.

tied with

1. Yu Yuan of China, born in 2001, is also a student at Int. Music Academy of Lichtenstein.

no second place awarded

3 (i). Marianna Zolnacz of Poland is 18, trained primarily in Poland, with additional studies at the Galway Academy. She is currently a scholarship student at the Music Academy of Lichtenstein.

3(ii).  Yeo Jin Han of Korea was the youngest candidate, at 13, to ever compete at the last Nielsen Competition.  Now 17, she's a Powell artist.

 3(iii). Mayuko Akimoto of Japan is an alumna of Boston Flute Academy, and is completing her studies at Hochschule für Musik Luzern.…/…/mayuko-akimoto/

4. Anna Kondrashina of the Russian Fed. was 3rd place winner in the last Nicolet Competition. Not much info on her.
Thanks to Dianne Winsor for this information.

See Repertoire list for Finals.
More info about Kobe:

Names of contestents:


Repertoire for entire contest (check it out):

So exciting. :>D
Best, Jen