Monday, June 18, 2018

Free Rabboni Sonata by Paul Edmund-Davies

Update Oct 2018: Free Sonata no. 18!!! Includes: film of performance, sheetmusic and notes:

Dear Flute Lovers,

Paul Edmund-Davies is kindly offering us a glass of bubbley!
Help yourself to free sheetmusic, backing track and videos of Rabboni's Sonata no. 16 at:

In his newsletter, Paul writes:

This bubbling allegro is perfect for this time of year. It is full of colour, sweeping melodic lines and just to keep you on your toes, plenty of flowing semi-quaver (16th note) passages, where nimble fingers and concentration are most definitely required.

In an opera, perhaps by Donizetti, I can imagine this being sung by a soprano, who has just heard some very good news and has decided to let everyone know her good fortune, whilst at the same time, very enthusiastically opening a bottle of pink champagne and handing out sparkling glasses, full to the brim of joyous effervescence, to those assembled!

If you get no kick from champagne, then you might imagine on a hot summer day, the soothing chill experienced on slowly imbibing a well iced elderflower cordial!

This Sonata most definitely smiles and even ends with a gentle chuckle!

As I have mentioned before, these Sonatas are really a combination of slow and fast sonority exercises, coming from the golden era of opera in Italy. All 42 (25 to 36 are currently in the pipeline) are hugely demanding, the slower ones focusing on the ability to sustain a melodic line and the more up tempo melodies giving us a serious finger/technical workout. However, throughout, the melodic line is king and it is up to us to ‘sculpt’ something out of the framework provided.

They are challenging, hugely enjoyable and even on occasions irritatingly awkward!

I hope this one brings you great happiness too!

Best wishes, Paul

PS For those of you who might prefer to own the publication of Rabboni Sonatas No. 13 – 24 (flute part and piano score), it is available to purchase at the following address:

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather!
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