Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Vivaldi too early to show piccoloist's real stuff

Dear Flute and Piccolo lovers,

Gudrun Hinze is not only a fabulous arranger of amazing flute quintet music, but she's also one excellent thinker! "Playing Vivaldi is like wearing a costume and mask at a job interview."

In this video, with English subtitles, she describes why Vivaldi C Major is not the best required piece for piccolos in orchestral auditions.
She recommends the Mozart D Major Rondo (in D KV Anhang 184) (free pdf)

Gudrun Hinze: Tutorial on Audition Requirements Piccolo

And for fun: Here is her group Quintessenz, playing Carnival of Venice

Funny story: I once met a flutist who bemoaned the fact that they had to play a picc audition really quickly and had never learned the Vivaldi C Major. They rushed to the Uni library, and took out a concerto in C Major by the correct composer, but it was the WRONG concerto in C!!!
They didn't find out til the day of the audition when everyone else was playing a different piece.
If they are reading, hopefully they will chime in and tell us whether they played the incorrect one anyway, or tried to sight-read the new one; cannot recall. Amazing tale!
Comments welcome. :>) Jen