Sunday, January 20, 2019

Terri Sánchez's good quality flute teaching!

Dear Flute Lovers,

I found a very good, solid teaching video on the right hand pinky! Excellent explanation! Ask my students; it's exactly like watching myself teach, using exactly the same "easy-natural-released" methods. Fabulous!:

Fix your right hand pinkie position on the flute by Terri Sánchez (video)

Terri  has written a flute practicing book that I'm now going to order, read and try-out, because it sounds fun, and just the kind of thing I like to teach; warmups that are LOVELY, that's me too, :>)
and she also has a free warmup pdf (the original to the book) here. She calls it "epic" because it includes almost everything you need to check as an advanced or intermediate player. Worth a look for intermediates who are looking ahead, and of course, flute teachers will be interested in her thinking. :>)

Terri also has:

- a flute practice/advice blog full of interesting practice ideas
- a free one minute warmup pdf  for advanced flutists
- and great practice advice for College level flutists on her new Practice Junkie website (videos of interest to all levels of aspiring flutists if you want to drop a bad technique before you practice-it-in-by-mistake; like perfectionism that stiffens your neck! hint hint. haha. ):

All good stuff. Thankyou Terri for your insights and patience. You really truly HELP!

Best, Jen