Friday, October 28, 2022

Scottish Baroque; beautiful music

 Well I do love a good piece of Scottish music, that's for sure. And what a lovely set of pieces this is, by Scottish composer James Oswald (1711-1769) arranged by Jan Boland for two flutes (or violins) and cello: Oswald's Airs for the Four Seasons.

I just listened to them, and they are beautiful! (and I am no way connected to the publication, I just came across them when Jan wrote about them online this evening.)

She wrote: They are very successful in performance and rewarding to perform.  This new Alry publication is published in score form, each player playing from a full score, with no page turns within movements, which allows for efficient rehearsals and confident performances. 

Boland has published eight out of the original forty-eight by Oswald, and they are named for the season and the flower and she says she chose those that had the most hints of Celtic influence. The works are comprised of short airs, andantes, cantabiles and affetuosos in AABB form, and she suggests you perform them as bookends with the Haydn London Trios. How marvelous!

See sample pages and read more about them.

Listen  to four of the eight sets on Soundcloud.

I was looking for new music that was worthy, and instead found very old music that is so very worthy. Thanks to new arrangers who know quality when they hear it. :>)

Best, Jen