Sunday, October 23, 2022

Wonderful Outspokeness


This week we lost one of the most enthusiastic flute players of the 20th Century, the wonderfully outspoken, Atarah Ben-Tovim. 

Enjoy these wonderful interviews!
First Interview (audio-only video 1)
Second Interview (audio only video 2)

Atarah playing Elgar's "Nursery Suite" on wooden flute with The  Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra  (video starts at minute 4:48):

When she speaks she so reminds me of my own enthusiasm levels!! :>D
Full of the good life-force!

P.S. On one of the flute email groups Wissam Boustany who often worked alongside Atarah at competitions and flute events wrote about knowing her:

"Atarah was not someone you could figure out easily. She was such a combination of overwhelming yet contradicting energies...she was a rebel and a traditionalist rolled into one, a larger-than-life presence yet in her heart she saw herself as more of a team player and orchestral player rather than a soloist. Her passion for working with children inspired and initiated countless young players (especially young girls) to take up and love the flute. And she was ferociously loyal to the wooden flute she loved."