Sunday, January 29, 2023

New Carol Wincenc film


A new flute film to enjoy! Hot off the presses!  Flutist Carol Wincenc interviewed by Christopher Caliendo (video)

Carol Wincenc, the American flutist, has a full and varied career as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician, and currently teaches at Juilliard and Stoneybrook.

She speaks from a life full of incredible flute experiences from hanging out with Jean Pierre Rampal to debuting works composed especially for her, to performing with The New York Woodwind Quintet, to studying with Marcel Moyse!

Timestamps will take you to youtube to the exact location in the film:

Carol Wincenc; A Musical upbringing

How does singing help your flute playing?

Mentors, flute teachers and music schools

Choices that led to becoming a professional

Your tone quality and cantabile style

The journey toward becoming a Juilliard professor

Musical interpretation

Preferences in concert hall size and instrumentation?

Recent publication, Mozart Duet of G Major Concerto

See the sheetmusicDuet of G Major Concerto

The future of chamber music?

Advice for young flutists wishing to go professional today

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Thankyou to composer Christopher Caliendo for bringing these interview films to the flute community. Upcoming Documentaries that will be featured include interviews with:  Nicola Mazzanti, Nestor TorresBrian Luce Amy Porterand many others. See the earlier Sheridon Stokes film here.


Best, Jen