Monday, January 07, 2008

Fluteloops 10 radio show with James Boyk

Dear Flutists,

I had a wonderful weekend creating a new episode of my flute radio show.
It's called "Fluteloops Ten" (mp3 format) with special guest James Boyk, Pianist, Teacher, and Author of the great book: "To Hear Ourselves As Others Hear Us". Click on this link:


The James Boyk interview will be continued in Part 2, with Fluteloops No. 11, with great flute CD musical excerpts tucked in and around the conversation.

In Fluteloops 10 & 11 we discuss recording practise sessions for faster and deeper musical improvements, and the technique of "OUTLINING" to increase rhythmic accuracy when practising, among other great topics.

Please help yourself to a free listen of these two ten minute programs above.

Fluteloops 11 is here.
Previous Fluteloops shows are also available with interviews with:
Sir James Galway
Nathan Zalman
Michael Goode (stagefright expert.)
You will see them all previous Fluteloops linked from the above page in Archives of Past Shows.

Jennifer Cluff