Monday, August 24, 2009

All you have to do is LISTEN - Rob Kapilow on CBC podcast

Dear musicians,

Wow. A great podcast, for free, from CBC radio podcasts is online.
It's an interview with pianist Rob Kapilow, composer, author and pianist.
He tells stories about Nadia Boulanger; he teaches the listener how to listen to music; and he shows how composition happens in a forward motion, but when we learn to compose, we use harmonic analysis in a backward, analytical motion.
Kapilow also talks about focused listening and attention skills that make listening to music so exquisite.

Very well explained. Great listening for teachers and students.

Go to:
Rob Kapilow Aug 22nd interview on CBC radio's "North by Northwest"

Right click on the August 22nd show (scroll down a bit).

A really tremendous show.
Best, Jen :>)