Sunday, March 01, 2009

over-working your practising? Try Underwood....

The teachings of Keith Underwood. Wowza!!
Please check these brilliant methods out and trust me, they work instantly. You simply must try them!!

Watch the Keith Underwood (brilliant!) videos at these links:

Benefits of Buzzing:

Buzzing 101: "how to buzz"

Tongue controlled embouchure and support.

You will achieve so much more than you ever dreamed possible with these techniques. And there are even more "free classes with Underwood" in these interview videos.

Have you been over-working yourself when you practice?
Have you been on a flute hiatus and need to get your lip back?

Well face-fatigue be gone!! :>)
Ease of play becomes fabulouso!!
Try Underwood's ideas.
You can only learn something that makes your life a whole lot easier!

Hope this helps.