Sunday, November 12, 2006

James Galway's latest teaching mp3 EXCELLENT!

Hey fluter-dudes of all shapes and sizes,

Please RUN DON'T WALK to the latest James Galway mp3 on his website!
Go to his site at this link, and listen to the uppermost one:

 Note: 2017 this link no longer functions in 2017, sorry. Galway moved his mp3s, and to the best of my knowledge they're no longer online.

It was fabulous! It was fascinating!
and I'd like to talk more about it.
I think the discussion can be directly related to the suggestions made by flutists such as Nyfenger, Mather, Gilbert, and of course Werner Richter's excellent embouchure book: "Conditioning Training for Flutists" (daily embouchure exercises for flexibility)

Please listen and come back and comment!!!!!! :>D

Jen :>)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I have learned much from Galway's mp3's - I can't say I was pleased with this one. I found it tedious to listen to the conversation between Sir Galway and the french gentleman he was talking to.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 2:13:00 PM

Blogger jen said...

The interesting bits are found by "reading between the lines" in this discussion.
But maybe that's just me. :>)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 4:13:00 PM


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