Sunday, September 08, 2019

Dystonia interview, Underwood, Davies Noodles

Dear Flute-Lovers,

There was a question on one of the flute groups about Focal Dystonia (musician's injury of the hands or embouchure caused by brain-mapping malfunction) and thankfully, someone recommended this great interview!

Have a listen: (video-audio)

There are wonderful interviews with all kinds of performing flutists in this series if you didn't know about them, they are called Flute Unscripted:
Flute Unscripted (see/hear all interviews with flutists), from New York.

This Mortimore/piccolo-at-the-Met interview also mentions the great flute teaching of Keith Underwood, which I also have recommended on this blog recently.
Excellent! In case you're wondering who Keith Underwood is, here are some links:

Jen's blog posts on Keith Underwood's teaching:

Underwood interview (video)

Spit-buzzing 101 by Underwood (teaching videos at Legrand's website from "Ghostwood" classes)

2017-19 Underwood masterclasses & lessons available via video: scroll down to see second story under Tchaik competiton.

Paul Edmund Davies free flute warmups

Another good flute resource appeared this week from Paul Edmund-Davies: New warmups!


Simply Flute's Coffee Noodle No. 1 (free)

Click here to see videos and download the noodle warmup.

Paul writes:
Simply Flute Coffee Noodles have been designed to give you something new to start your flute day with.

We all know that first off we should make sure that we are ‘toned up’ to meet the challenges and demands of the instrument and the session of practice ahead, but there is always the possibility that we end up playing the same material, day in day out, which in turn takes us closer to functioning on automatic pilot and with a total lack of engagement! When this happens, alarm bells should be ringing and very loudly!

So, the idea behind these exercises is to have something that will warm up those key areas (lips, breathing, tongue, fingers, stamina and brain) whilst at the same time being comparatively simple and hopefully enjoyable to play.

Then, to really get ourselves into peak condition, Simply Flute Coffee Noodles swing through all the major and minor keys, so that we can explore different sounds and play with a variety of expression too.

Each SFCN, being something between an exercise and a short study is on the long side (Coffee Noodle 1 is 27 pages long!). The full versions of all 7 of these Noodles, will only be available to our subscribers to download and print off.

We will be posting the music ‘teaser taster’ download of each Noodle in C major and A minor, for the general flute public, but as indicated, only subscribers will have access to the complete versions.

To access ‘Gentle Warm Ups to Start the Day, Coffee Noodle 1’ please go to

See all Paul's free flute stuff at:

Love these resources.

Questions & comments welcome (use the comment button below; they take a few minutes to appear as it is set to "approval". thanks. Happy Fall!)

Best, Jen